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Bug#504659: tasksel: Gnome pushes File and DNS server and language tasks off CD1

tags 504659 + patch

On Thursday 06 November 2008, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> > I would therefore suggest to change the following packages from
> > Depends to Recommends in gnome-d-e:
> > - gnome-user-guide (16MB download size!)
> WTF? Dropping the core user documentation?

Where exactly do I suggest to drop it?

> You are really missing what gnome-desktop-environment is for. If your

That's entirely possible as I've never been a fan of Gnome and thus have 
never looked closely at its packaging.

> only concern is size, then install gnome-core and that’s all [...]

I guess that's an option for post-lenny: use gnome-core with selected 
additional packages as key. But for lenny I'll be happy with just fixing 
the regression.

> As for gnome, we made changes specifically so that it can be made as
> the key package for the gnome-desktop task, installing a full-fledged
> desktop with everything users might want.

That's an excellent reason to include it in the task, but it does not mean 
that it has to be a _key_ package in the task.

There's another risk with having such a large key requirement for the 
task: that the gnome-desktop task will eat up all space on CD1 but will 
still not be installable because the dependencies of the key packages 
overflow to CD2.

> > Having them as Recommends would mean they will still get installed if
> > users install gnome-d-e manually and adds flexibility as users will
> > gain the option to have gnome-d-e installed without those packages if
> > they don't need them.
> Except that tasksel does not have this flexibility. Packages in
> Recommends are not installed, full stop.

With good reasons. Which is why I wrote just below that:
! To ensure the packages still get installed during a desktop installation
! using D-I there are two options:
! - adding them as Depends in the 'gnome' meta-package (preferred IMO)
! - listing them separately as non-key packages in the gnome-desktop task

The attached patch should fix the issues for CD1 only installs while still 
giving the exact same result for all other installs. Please commit and 
upload ASAP.

commit 61ef4922a8556dca84d23b02857e31e325119f4a
Author: Frans Pop <fjp@debian.org>
Date:   Fri Nov 7 11:44:37 2008 +0100

    gnome-desktop: revert to the smaller gnome-desktop-environment package as key
    Testing with Lenny D-I RC1 CDs has shown that using the gnome meta package as
    key results in two server tasks getting pushed off CD1 for i386. Having such
    a big key package also creates a real risk that Gnome will not be installable
    at all if only CD1 is used because "key" packages are not available.
    Switch back to using gnome-desktop-environment as key, but keep gnome as first
    non-key package so that the total install will remain the same for installs
    where additional sources (mirror, CD2) are available or DVD installs.
    Using gnome-desktop-environment reduces the pressure on CD1 by ~60MB.

diff --git a/tasks/gnome-desktop b/tasks/gnome-desktop
index e44aaae..cc97f1c 100644
--- a/tasks/gnome-desktop
+++ b/tasks/gnome-desktop
@@ -7,10 +7,12 @@ Description: GNOME desktop environment
  This task provides basic "desktop" software using the GNOME desktop
-# The complete gnome environment, with selected extras
-  gnome
+# The standard gnome desktop environment
+  gnome-desktop-environment
 Packages: task-fields
+# The complete gnome environment, with selected extras
+  gnome
 # add gnome support for iceweasel, which is pulled in via the main desktop task
 # several packages recommend this, make sure it's available in case

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