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todo list for the release (Re: Call for testing of RC1 images


I'm refraining from crossposting this to -release and -devel...
but I think this news get to go out! 

On Thursday 06 November 2008 01:09, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Basically my TODO list, that I'm lacking time to do... and I
> appreciate help with:
>  - check missing items in release announcement
>  - check outdated items in errata and propose a patch in mailing list
>    for it
>  - check source requirement mails items (source packages that are need
>    to be in sync in lenny and sid due GPL and like)
>  - check missing acks on sources for lenny (kernel, packages building
>    udebs, ...)
>  - prepare a diff for website about RC1 release
> I've probably missed few ones but if I remember I'll post it here.

Here? Wouldnt it be better to put them on a "d-i lenny release work" wiki page 
or such? a blog post? a post to d-d-a?!

Also, what Christian wrote: "Having an RC2 will delay the lenny release by 
about 2 months more, making it impossible to happen before February, imho. 
Are they aware of this?" (they=release team)

	Holger (too busy with other stuff to help here, just bye-standing)

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