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Bug#504659: tasksel: Gnome pushes File and DNS server and language tasks off CD1

Le jeudi 06 novembre 2008 à 00:01 +0100, Frans Pop a écrit :
> It looks like the main reason for this is the recent changes in the
> gnome-desktop task, which changed its "key" package to 'gnome' from
> 'gnome-desktop-environment'. 

You’re raising quite a while after we discussed it. I wonder why we
should discuss issues on public mailing lists if people interested in
them wake up more than 4 months later.

> I would therefore suggest to change the following packages from Depends
> to Recommends in gnome-d-e:
> - gnome-user-guide (16MB download size!)

WTF? Dropping the core user documentation?

> - vinagre
> - vino
> - ekiga
> - cheese

All part of the GNOME distribution upstream. Ekiga and vinagre are
arguably switchable to gnome given the size of their dependencies (we
already did it for tomboy, for similar reasons), but I’d like to stay as
close as possible as upstream for the gnome-desktop-environment package.

> - nautilus-cd-burner

Huh? Do you know of a machine without a CD burner today?

> Total savings from this suggested list for CD1: 36MB. Possibly some other
> packages from gnome-d-e's current dependencies could be added to this list.

You are really missing what gnome-desktop-environment is for. If your
only concern is size, then install gnome-core and that’s all, you’ll get
a desktop with less features than in sarge, but it will fit on a CD. I
guess that should make you happy.

As for gnome, we made changes specifically so that it can be made as the
key package for the gnome-desktop task, installing a full-fledged
desktop with everything users might want. 

> Having them as Recommends would mean they will still get installed if
> users install gnome-d-e manually and adds flexibility as users will gain
> the option to have gnome-d-e installed without those packages if they
> don't need them.

Except that tasksel does not have this flexibility. Packages in
Recommends are not installed, full stop.

> The main benefit of this reduction will be better international support on
> CD1 as there will be much more space available for "key" packages from
> language tasks.

Frankly, if someone really wants a media installation, he will use DVD
nowadays. Otherwise we already recommend netinst.

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