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Bug#494532: lenny di-2 on dell optiplex 755 fail disk detection

"Stefan Alfredsson" <alfs@debian.org> writes:

> Ok - the drive is actually detected in d-i-2. I can do manual partitioning
> in the console with fdisk /dev/sda1.
> However, the installer fails at the step "[!] Detect disks", and asks me
> to choose a driver for the disk chipset.
> If I continue by ignoring the drive, and try to partition, the installer
> log on Alt-F4 says libparted1.7-udeb does not exist.
> This seems to be from a dependency from partman-base. According to
> http://packages.debian.org/lenny/partman-base
> it depends on libparted1.7-udeb, and notes that the package is missing
> from lenny.
> Either partman-base should be updated to use libparted1.8-udeb, or
> libparted1.7-udeb should be put back in lenny (it exists in both etch and
> sid, so why was it removed from lenny? sid has both versions).
> I'll reassign this bug to partman-base, as this seems to be (atleast part
> of) the problem.

Yes, this was my fault to not warn about the need of old udeb to be
kept available until we get newer partman-base in testing. I'm
handling the issue right now.

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