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Bug#494532: lenny di-2 on dell optiplex 755 fail disk detection

Hilko Bengen wrote:
>> Harddrive was not detected. I assume the installer is missing the
>> driver for the chipset, Intel 82Q35 Express PT IDER Controller
>> [8086:29b6] (rev 02)
> I saw similar symptoms here. A glance at /var/log/syslog revealed that
> the installer was not able to find libparted1.7-udeb. That package
> seems to have been removed in favor of libparted1.8-udeb and the
> images haven't been updated accordingly.
> In this case, it would be a library issue, not a driver issue.

Could be, I did not check that.

Earlier today I tried the netinst daily build.

It too detected the network, but failed at disk detection. Actually I
think I saw the drive model flash by in dmesg, indicating that it was
detected, but failed at some other point. I will have a closer look next
time I try to install.


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