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Bug#494532: lenny di-2 on dell optiplex 755 fail disk detection

Stefan Alfredsson wrote:
> Hilko Bengen wrote:
>>> Harddrive was not detected. I assume the installer is missing the
>>> driver for the chipset, Intel 82Q35 Express PT IDER Controller
>>> [8086:29b6] (rev 02)
>> I saw similar symptoms here. A glance at /var/log/syslog revealed that
>> the installer was not able to find libparted1.7-udeb. That package
>> seems to have been removed in favor of libparted1.8-udeb and the
>> images haven't been updated accordingly.
>> In this case, it would be a library issue, not a driver issue.
> Could be, I did not check that. [...] I will have a closer look next
> time I try to install.

Ok - the drive is actually detected in d-i-2. I can do manual partitioning
in the console with fdisk /dev/sda1.

However, the installer fails at the step "[!] Detect disks", and asks me
to choose a driver for the disk chipset.

If I continue by ignoring the drive, and try to partition, the installer
log on Alt-F4 says libparted1.7-udeb does not exist.

This seems to be from a dependency from partman-base. According to
it depends on libparted1.7-udeb, and notes that the package is missing
from lenny.

Either partman-base should be updated to use libparted1.8-udeb, or
libparted1.7-udeb should be put back in lenny (it exists in both etch and
sid, so why was it removed from lenny? sid has both versions).

I'll reassign this bug to partman-base, as this seems to be (atleast part
of) the problem.


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