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Re: Custom driver image for etch

On Friday 11 April 2008, Paul Civati wrote:
> I suppose what I'm asking really is, how do I build a udeb with
> my module, what additional files are needed in the image, and
> then, can I preseed that additional image?
> That seems an appropriate solution?

It seems overly complex to me.
Why not just put the modules on a webserver somewhere and then just use a 
preseed-early script to do wget and depmod? If that is done before Detect 
disks, then it should possibly even be loaded automatically.
And then use a preseed-late script to do similar things for the target 

On the webserver you could even put the modules in a subdir based on the ABI 
so you know you'll get the correct version.

If you really want to create a udeb for it, kernel-wedge is what we normally 
use to repackage a whole kernel into udebs, but that's not really suitable 
for creating an additional udeb for a single module.
You can simply create a udeb manually using basic Debian packaging tools. 
There are plenty of simple examples in the D-I subversion source 
repository. The etch-support udeb is a relatively simple example.

For general documentation about installer internals, see:

Basically, there are many ways to do this. But if you want to do something 
complex, you'll need to invest the time to learn how yourself.
If you do find something that works for you and is not documented yet, 
adding it to the wiki would be appreciated.


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