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Re: Custom driver image for etch

Op 09-04-2008 om 13:54 schreef Paul Civati:
> I need to use a kernel module at install time and thereafter, 
> for a RAID card that isn't supported in the standard kernels.

Please spent effort in a dialog with the manufacturer of the RAID card.
Explain them that you what to use their product with Linux.

> I could build a custom installer/kernel, but I'd really like
> to only install the driver module so that the system can still
> make use of the standard updated kernels.  Presuming that any
> apt upgraded kernels would not wipe out my custom driver.
> I see the debian-installer will load a driver image if I want,
> but I can't find anywhere that says how to go about creating
> one.
> So how do I go about creating a custom driver image?
> Or any other insight on how to load additional modules?

I think that http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Modify may help.

> Preferably I would like this to be loadable during a PXE
> initiated install.
> -Paul-

Geert Stappers

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