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Re: Update of debconf needed for Stable

On Sunday 02 March 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> The attached patch series is what IMO should be backported. It includes
> the following commits (this is on top of the patch that was already
> backported in the 1.5.11etch1 release):
>   * debconf-apt-progress: Add --no-progress option intended to be used
>     by apt-install in d-i.
>   * debconf-apt-progress: Notice if the child exited abnormally, and exit
>     nonzero.
>   * add --dlwaypoint option (without the cancel changes)
>   * debconf-apt-progress sometimes gets captured by buggy daemons,
>     causing tasksel to hang because $debconf_command_eof never becomes
>     true. STATUS_READ should be the last fd to close, so checking
>     $status_eof is sufficient (LP: #141601).
> The last patch also looks interesting from a stability PoV.

In addition to these commit r2266 should probably be included as it avoids 
some annoying errors in the syslog:
  * Fix use of 'next' rather than 'return' in debconf-apt-progress

> As these patches cannot be backported in time for beta1, I have also
> prepared a new version of the etch-support udeb that includes an updated
> debconf-apt-progress with these patches and that diverts the Etch version
> debconf-apt-progress for the duration of the installation (from
> post-base-installer to finish-install).

This has been done, but Phil later discovered that this solution does not 
cover one particular case: when stable is installed using LVM or RAID, 
apt-install is called just before the divert is done and this makes the 
progress bar disappear during the last part of base-installer. So a stable 
update is very much desired.


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