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Bug#470027: installation report

Op 10-03-2008 om 22:52 schreef siggma:
> Geert Stappers wrote:
>> Please understand that an installed Debian system only needs one bootable
>> device and it up to the BIOS to decide which from which device should be
~>  device and it up to the BIOS to decide     from which device should be
>> booted first. There is NO need to mix those two functions.
> Have I clearly described what I think is a possible bug issue?

Frankly: No.

The "possible bug" is based on a wrong assumption,
at least on a false expection.

> All I know is that every time I run this installer I end up with an mbr on 
> the wrong drive and it doesn't seem to matter what option I choose. Maybe 
> it's specific to my system or maybe I misunderstand the options.

Try again. This time don't touch BIOS setting.
And once again, with still no changes in the BIOS
to learn what is going on when grub writes to the MBR.

> I'm not sure. I'm experienced, if I misunderstand them, others will too.

Yes, everybody has to learn.

thank you for reporting things that didn't work as you expected.

Geert Stappers

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