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Bug#470027: installation report

Frans Pop wrote:
On Saturday 08 March 2008, Tom wrote:

First of all, thank you for your report.
You're welcome.
I disagree that the gdm segfault issue is not an installation issue, but let's focus on something more important.
It's a bit presumptuous to just grub install (hd0) without an opportunity
to change drive.
That's why grub-installer does not do that. You will always get an initial 
dialog that asks whether if you want to install grub on the MBR of the 
first disk. If you answer no there, you _can_ choose alternative locations.
The point is that it assumes the FIRST physical hard drive and that's not a safe assumption. When I enter the BIOS and change the boot order, your installer should respect the intent of the change and assume the current BOOT drive in the BIOS is the first hard drive, regardless of which adapter happens to show up "first". Bypassing the BIOS boot order renders BIOS boot order changes meaningless and is a guarantee you'll trash a working MBR.
Sounds like the installer may not have detected your Windows installation. 
If that is the case, please send us the files 'syslog' (gzipped!) and
'hardware-summary' from the /var/log/installer directory.

The installer detected it just fine, then when I said "yes" to "write MBR to the FIRST hard drive", which to me is the BIOS boot drive, it TRASHED my Vista MBR, even though the BIOS boot drive is the the drive I was installing it on. BAD, NASTY, UNNECESSARY. See how Ubuntu installer does it, much more sane...

The way it is it's very difficult to understand which drive you are going to write on and that's the problem.

If you don't want to change the way it is, at least fetch and display a description of the drive and it's partitions so I know which drive you intend to write a boot sector on. Better yet, display a list of bootable drives and ASK me which one I want to use, and whether or not I want other operating systems included in the Grub menu. It's not too hard for me to change the grub menu but some people get all in a tizzy over such things.

Think of it this way:
If I enter the BIOS and change the drive order, I expect your installer to respect that change, not decide for me which drive is the first drive. From an installer point of view the first drive is always the drive that the system was booted from or will be booted from next time the system starts, not always drive 0.

If I know enough about the system to have changed the BIOS boot drive, it's a safe bet I can figure out that my new Linux won't boot because I just installed it on my drive 1 but my BIOS boots from drive 0.

What would also work better is to use a UUID in fstab so you can find the appropriate partition, but that's a feature request, not a bug or an error.

The bottom line is that to run this installer on a drive other than hard drive 0 and have it work correctly,  I need to disable any "other" adapters or they end up part of a semi-permanent "whole machine" Grub boot scheme. That's the issue.

The sound driver does not allow me to set the speaker mode and defaults
to the "front" speaker, should be PCM I have only 4 speakers but cannot
set the output correctly using the volume control.
Again outside the scope of the installer.
Installer just blindly installs packages?
Ok, I guess that's the way it works but that default got there from somewhere and if I reinstall the sound driver from the same distribution as the installer, it shows up CORRECTLY. So, something is amiss in the installation process....
A possible BUG?
Maybe it's an Aunt Betty...
Or an Avuncular Frankshire Relative...


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