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Bug#470027: installation report

Op 10-03-2008 om 14:02 schreef Tom:
> The point is that it assumes the FIRST <b>physical</b> hard drive and
> that's not a safe assumption. When I enter the BIOS and change the boot
> order, your installer should <i>respect the intent of the change</i>
> and assume the current BOOT drive in the BIOS is the first hard drive,
> regardless of which adapter happens to show up "first". Bypassing the
> BIOS boot order renders BIOS boot order changes meaningless and is a
> guarantee you'll trash a working MBR.


Your assumption that a computer is as simple a knive or a hammer is
wrong. Please consider a computer at least as advanched technology
like a modern car. There is also much of the engineering converted
to something comfortable usable and it is still high tech.

You are wrong by using the term 'first disk'. Please use names like
'sda' or 'master disk at ide control 0'.

Also use your imagination for what happens when disk are changed in the
BIOS setup. Re-addressing IDE controllers is the very same as swapping
disk from IDE-cables.

Now back to the debian-installer:
What you name "it assumes the FIRST physical disk" is in fact just a
list of visable physical disks with the cursor on the first disk
and waiting for a confirm.

Please understand that an installed Debian system only needs one bootable
device and it up to the BIOS to decide which from which device should be
booted first. There is NO need to mix those two functions.

On another level:
You speak about "your installer",
you are welcome the speak about "OUR installer"

Geert Stappers
Debian Developer, member of the Debian Install System Team

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