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Bug#470027: installation report

On Saturday 08 March 2008, Tom wrote:

First of all, thank you for your report.

> Configure network:      [O] OK, prefer auto ethX to allow-hotplug in
>                             network/interfaces

Feel free to change it. We chose hotpug because it offers flexibility for 
laptops and even for servers with hot-replacement capabilities.

> Clock/timezone setup:   [O] OK but need a choice in case dual boot

The installer should automatically detect the presence of Windows and will 
then set the clock to localtime. It will use UTC if Debian is the only OS.
Also, in expert mode you do get the choice.

> Comments/Problems:
> Add a request for additional hosts before writing /etc/hosts?

The purpose of Debian Installer is to install a solid working system, not to 
cater for every tweak a local sysadmin might want to do to a system.
For a single system this can easily be done manually post-install.
If you need to do this on a lot of systems, the preseeding infrastructure 
offers plenty of hooks to automate something like that.

> First, gdm segfaults when I log off. It doesn't hang but I see the
> segfault and RIP every time. Sessions seem unaffected so It's probably
> late in the logout process, possibly ATI driver related although the
> initial driver is VESA @ 1024x768 on ati r500 chipset. Installing the
> fglrx driver below has no effect on the segfault.
> Next, something in X causes window resizing to be really slow, especially
> when playing a video and the effect is carried over to 3D if I install
> Compiz-fusion.
> I have an ATI X1650 PCIe card that requires fglrx which installs fine
> from the ATI installer. However, I have to install ia32-libs and build
> the kernel source. The gui version (./ati-driver-8.02---.run) install
> fails to get and build the appropriate packages. Probably due to the
> testing status in sources.list but "apt-get upgrade -f" gets current
> kernel sources and finishes the process but I must build the source using
> package manager to successfully install the driver.

All of these are really out of the scope of the installer. Please file bug 
reports against the relevant packages (if you can identify them). If not, 
the X.Org packages seem your best bet to start.

> It's a bit presumptuous to just grub install (hd0) without an opportunity
> to change drive.

That's why grub-installer does not do that. You will always get an initial 
dialog that asks whether if you want to install grub on the MBR of the 
first disk. If you answer no there, you _can_ choose alternative locations.

Even if you do select the MBR of your Windows disk, the installer should 
detect Windows and grub should get correctly set up for dual boot (even 
with Vista). This was tested to work before the Etch release.

Sounds like the installer may not have detected your Windows installation. 
If that is the case, please send us the files 'syslog' (gzipped!) and
'hardware-summary' from the /var/log/installer directory.

> The sound driver does not allow me to set the speaker mode and defaults
> to the "front" speaker, should be PCM I have only 4 speakers but cannot
> set the output correctly using the volume control.

Again outside the scope of the installer.


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