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Re: [RFR] Major localechooser revamp

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> > > +Template: localechooser/translation/incomplete
> > > +Type: boolean
> > > +Default: false
> > > +Description: Continue the installation in the selected language?
> > > + The translation for the language you selected is incomplete.
> >
> > The installer is incompletely translated for the language you selected
> >
> > Rationale: say that the translation we're talking about is D-I
> > translation
> OK, though that sentence is a bit crooked. How about:
>    The translation of the installer is incomplete for the selected language.

Fine by me.

> > > + This means that there is a significant chance that some dialogs will
> > > + be displayed in a different language, in most cases in English.
> One thing I'd like to do here is mention the real first fallback language 
> (for languages that have a list of fallbacks). Problem there is that we 
> only have the translation of the language name in that language, and not in 
> the selected language. So we either need to accept that, or maybe add a 
> file with the few needed translations (which would need to be kept 
> up-to-date).

Interesting idea. I vote for the latter. Such file shouldn't be that hard to
maintain. Only drawback: there's still the possibility that the backup
language itself is incomplete and then the installer falls back to

If I'm correct, there are only the following cases:

Northern Sami falls back to Norwegian Bokmål, then Nynorsk, then
Danish, then Swedish, then English...

Bokmål falls back to Nynorsk, Danish, Swedish, English
Nynorsk falls back to Bokmål, Danish, Swedish, English

Wolof falls back to French then English

Brazilian falls back to Portuguese, then English
Portuguese falls back to brazilian, then English

That means we would need to maintain translations of

nb: in Sami and Nynorsk
nn: in Sami and Bokmål
sv: in Sami, Bokmål, Nynorsk
da: in Sami, Bokmål, Nynorsk
fr: in Wolof
pt_BR: in Portuguese
pt: in Brazilian

Seems doable


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