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Re: Persistent disk naming - wild idea for a solution

Frans Pop wrote:
On Monday 18 February 2008, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
I'm in the process of porting d-i to a number of NAS devices that can
hold 2 or 4 disks.  The long standing problem of persistent disk
naming is thus an issue for me.

Why exactly is it an issue? As long as all devices are on the same controller (and I'd expect them to be), AFAIK there is no issue: the device naming should be stable across reboots. I can imagine it becoming an issue when you expect these devices to be frequently booted with some external USB storage device connected.

Scsi chains are a specific example of the disk naming being in "as you found it order". If you have software raid in that, and you have an
enclosure power cable incident, it gets munched.

One more good reason for persistent names.


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