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Re: Future of the linux udebs


On Sat, Feb 16, 2008 at 10:52:17PM -0200, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Please read the thread we had about 2.6.24 kernel testing
> migration... this is what worries me.

I don't want to reopen that discussion here, and I see your argument.
There are really good reasons to do beta1 with .24, and good reasons for
.22 too. In such a case we might need someone to arbitrate, the release
managers come to mind.

> I personally have a good relation with all active people in
> debian-kernel but I think that we might have a "policy" to avoid
> problems to happen. Good will isn't enough, IMO.

We should decide case by case, considering what is best to get closer 
to the release. 

If adapting the concerned installer components to .24 takes too long and 
requires developers to focus on other things than stabilizing the code 
for beta1, we should indeed go with .22 for it, and so we can test
2.6.24 on a stabilized installer in beta2.

Best regards
Frederik Schüler


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