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Re: [RFC] Renaming the user-setup templates

On Friday 29 June 2007 18:47, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:
> > On Friday 29 June 2007 16:58, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> >> Well, we can do not guarantee it but if it's simple (and on this
> >> case it's) we could provide it.
> >
> > For all eternity? Don't see the point really.
> Sure not. At least for lenny release and then we can drop them again.

Please explain why the compatibility issue would be any less after lenny 
then for etch->lenny?

In this case it would maybe be possible, but keeping compatibility here 
would mean that we would be morally obliged to keep compatibility for 
_any_ changes affecting preseeding and I'd be willing to bet that in 
other cases that really would mean we would have to include really 
strange/complex hacks or that it would just be impossible [1]. Should we 
then just postpone the change until after the lenny release?
I do not think it is worth it to limit ourselves like that.

I really do not think it is worth keeping compatibility on one minor area 
when we can expect major changes in preseeding in general anyway between 
now and the lenny release. You should not look at this in isolation, but 
as part of all changes likely to happen between now and lenny.


[1] One area where I expect such changes is in apt-install, and probably 
also in partman.

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