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Re: Build failures on some images. Grarphical installer related?

Attilio Fiandrotti <attilio.fiandrotti@gmail.com> writes:

> Christian Perrier wrote:
>> This happened last night on my system:
>> The following packages have unmet dependencies:
>>   cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Depends: libcairo2 (>= 1.4.0) but it is not installable
>> The same goes for all images that includes the graphical
>> installer. The floopy and netboot images build fine.
>> It may be local to my system, but I'd recommend some attention , at
>> least.
> Same happens here.. but shouldn't we depend on libcairo-directfb2
> instead (libcairo2 is the X11 verion of Cairo) ?

Yes, probably the shlibs is wrong.

Jeremy, you've spot it during DebConf. Have you produced a patch for it?

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