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Re: r47699 - in trunk/packages/cdebconf

On Wednesday 27 June 2007 23:36, Colin Watson wrote:
> > Some installation methods run localechooser delayed (s/390, some arm
> > installs) as does the 'hands-off' infrastructure. We'll have to check
> > how this affects those installs. I think most should be OK.
> They don't run anna first, do they? I know kickseed does, but it won't
> set DEBCONF_DROP_TRANSLATIONS=1 so shouldn't be affected. Anything that
> doesn't explicitly set the environment variable should be fine.

On S/390 localechooser only gets run when a country is needed for timezone 
selection, so that is after anna has been run. It may be the same on arm 
(nslu2 installs).
At least S/390 installs run with locale preseeded to C anyway, so in 
practice nothing really changes. I'm not sure about the details for 
nslu2, but I think that runs in lowmem, so the same would go for that.

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