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Re: r47699 - in trunk/packages/cdebconf

On Wednesday 27 June 2007 21:09, Colin Watson wrote:
> Author: cjwatson
> Date: Wed Jun 27 19:09:08 2007
> New Revision: 47699
> Log:
> * If DEBCONF_DROP_TRANSLATIONS is set to 1, then don't read
> translations we aren't going to use, and reload the templates database
> if the language is changed since we might not have the correct
> translations in memory any more. This saves around 20MB of memory at
> d-i run-time (closes: #329743). Note that this means that after the
> templates database is first saved (in practice, after anna has run), it
> will no longer be possible to change the language and get translated
> messages.

I would like to see this fact registered somehow so that localechooser can 
be made to show an appropriate dialog and take appropriate action if the 
user does return to it after this stage.

Something I just now remember...
Some installation methods run localechooser delayed (s/390, some arm 
installs) as does the 'hands-off' infrastructure. We'll have to check how 
this affects those installs. I think most should be OK.

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