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RE: Installation from harddisk and network

Hi Frans,

Frans Pop <mailto:elendil@planet.nl> wrote on Thursday, May 31, 2007 3:49

> Hmm. You are correct. There is something missing in that
> section. Booting
> from harddisk is similar to booting from a USB stick (as described
> in the preceding section), and in fact uses the kernel and initrd.
> What is missing in 4.5, is the instruction to also copy a CD image
> to your harddisk. Section 4.4.3 describes this for the USB stick
> method. The CD image can any of the available images: businesscard,
> netinst, full CD or DVD.
> If you really want the installer to retrieve all packages
> from the network
> and you have a good network connection, your best option is
> probably the businesscard image. The difference between that and the
> netinst is that
> with the netinst the packages that make up the base system
> are installed
> from the CD. In practice I doubt it will make much difference.

Yeah, I have it working right now with putting the businesscard-iso into the
same dir as initrd/vmlinuz.

Now I ran into another problem which maybe has to to with the harddisk
install. I chose to re-partition the complete harddisk but partman
complained about the following (on debug console):

 Partman: /dev/scsi/host0/bus1/target0/lun0/part1 is mounted; will not make
a filesystem here!

So something on the harddisk is still used. I tried to unmount it in the
shell but it said "Invalid argument". Any idea?

> What is also missing in section 4.5 is an explicit mention
> that the kernel
> and initrd should be fetched from the "hd-media" directory.
> Glad you did
> find that correctly.
> I'm turning this mail into a bug report against the
> installation guide so
> we can fix this omission.

That's great! Thanks!


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