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Re: Installation from harddisk and network

Package: installation-guide

On Thursday 31 May 2007 14:56, Soenke Ruempler - NorthClick wrote:
> I'm going to install a Debian Etch via an existing harddrive. The
> installer should get all further packages from network. I followed the
> steps in [1] but it isn't mentioned there which files to use, so I
> downloaded the hd-media files from [2] and booted them. This all went
> fine but the installer searched and then asked for ISO image(s). What
> to do now? Use the netinst ISO [3]?
> [1] http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch04s05.html.en

Hmm. You are correct. There is something missing in that section. Booting 
from harddisk is similar to booting from a USB stick (as described in the 
preceding section), and in fact uses the kernel and initrd.

What is missing in 4.5, is the instruction to also copy a CD image to your 
harddisk. Section 4.4.3 describes this for the USB stick method.
The CD image can any of the available images: businesscard, netinst, full 
CD or DVD.
If you really want the installer to retrieve all packages from the network 
and you have a good network connection, your best option is probably the 
businesscard image. The difference between that and the netinst is that 
with the netinst the packages that make up the base system are installed 
from the CD. In practice I doubt it will make much difference.

What is also missing in section 4.5 is an explicit mention that the kernel 
and initrd should be fetched from the "hd-media" directory. Glad you did 
find that correctly.

I'm turning this mail into a bug report against the installation guide so 
we can fix this omission.


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