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Re: Preseed, netinstall with amd64

Op 18-05-2007 om 15:31 schreef Albert Shih:
> 20070518 Stappers:
> >
> > Try
> >
> >    install url=http://some-where/preseed.cfg
> >
> >    that is the auto option not enabled, you will have to select language,
> >    keyboard and perhaps more, manually. After the "auto options" the
> >    preseed URL
> >    kicks in.
> This thing work ;-)


And when only booting with


does that get also the loop of 
> >> >> 	process xxxxx : INFO kbd-mode : setting console mode to Unicode (UTF-8)

> But I'm really need to make this installation automatically (max) because
> now I've just 9 server, but someday it can become ~100, and when you have
> 100 servers to install, and need to be same installation, any manual config
> is not good.

I do understand that.  I also know when 'auto' doesn't work on amd64,
there would have been more reports of it.

> Regards.
> Thanks for you help
> NB: Please, when you answer can you add my address in you reply.
> Because I'm not on the mailing-list.... 

Also I have set the Reply-To field, that should prevent fixing a thrid
time the typo that is made in the mailinglist address.

Geert Stappers

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