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Re: Preseed, netinstall with amd64

Op 17-05-2007 om 23:37 schreef Albert Shih:
> >>Op 16-05-2007 om 15:15 schreef Albert Shih:
> >> the installation crash after core-installation with loop message like 
> >> 
> >> 	process xxxxx : INFO kbd-mode : setting console mode to Unicode (UTF-8)                                           
> >> (just for info : I've never say to setting anything with UTF-8 in my preseed.cfg)
> >
> > The boot option 'auto' effects the console.
> >
> > Does the amd64 installer work fine, when doing a normal 'install' ?
> Yes no problemes when I manually install with the same CD.

The same CD?
The same CD as used on i386
or the amd64 CD as used also on the preseed install?
(i386 can be installed on amd64)

> > What kind of console is at the amd64? ( USB keyboard? PS/2 kbd? Serial line?)
> Two kind (I've try two machines before posting this message) :
> 	First Dell Blade server (well the console is PS/2 but not really
> 	standard one)
> 	Second is a .. vmware virtual machine. Running vmware server 1.0.2
> 	on dual-AMD Opteron (dual-core). 
> On this two machines if I use same config file, but with
> debian-i386-netinst.iso everything work fine.


Okay, let's focus on the amd64 machines.


   install url=http://some-where/preseed.cfg

that is the auto option not enabled, you will have to select language,
keyboard and perhaps more, manually. After the "auto options" the preseed URL
kicks in.

Let the mailinglist know if you got beyond

> >> process xxxxx : INFO kbd-mode : setting console mode to Unicode (UTF-8)

Geert Stappers

Thanks for replying below the text.
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