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Re: Hello

On Thursday 17 May 2007 17:34, Roman Semenov wrote:
> I would like to select a "nobootloader" option that corresponds to
> number 7700
> What command does this selection. (I m trying to select this option
> from preseed file)

There is no command that allows to select a specific item from the menu. 
_All_ items in the menu up to "Finish installation" are executed in 
sequence and there is no general method that allows to skip menu items 
using preseeding.

However, some components have facilities that allow you to skip them. For 
grub-installer that is 'grub-installer/skip=true', which can be 
preseeded. But there is currently no such option for lilo-installer 
(though we should probably add that).

There is a way to work around this. You can use a preseed script write a 
file /var/lib/dkpg/<component>.isinstallable that contains:
#! /bin/sh
exit 1

This will "remove" that component from the menu and in that way you can 
skip it. Don't forget to make the script executable.


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