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Re: usplash in desktop task?

Scribit Manoj Srivastava dies 09/05/2007 hora 02:24:
> > Those people will take a nice boot as appealing and count it as one
> > of the arguments that will make them choose Debian.
> All this is pure speculation, no?  Do we have any data that says users
> like being kept in the dark, just because they are not 31337 hackerz?

FWIW, all non-geek persons (not many, far from anything like
statistically relevant) to which I installed a Linux[1] (as part of my
job as an independant worker) had a negative reaction to the boot
process. Probably nothing that quite a bit of education could prevent or
correct, but it makes their first contact negative, and the first
contact always leaves traces.

If I installed a system witth a splash screen during the boot process,
I'm fairly sure I'd explain people that a bunch of things are happening
"behind" that neat graphic, and if they want, I'd switch to the text
console to show them.

But their first contact would then be "woaw, neat", then "hey, I can see
behind that neat thingy". Better than "ugh, scary, what's all this ugly

[1] I count people coming to install parties as geeks here
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