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Possible patch for linux_input crash on PowerPC available, testing is needed

Eddy Petrișor ha scritto:
Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:


The patch Ville applied upstream should be backported to dfb 0.9.25 and
a test gtk-miniiso built to see whether this patch fixes the bug or not.

Unluckily, i cannot do this test myself because i own no PPC hardware:
so it would be nice if a PPC owner among those who reported a crash [1]
with PPCs could perform this check and report results.

Once at every two weeks I have access to the PowerBook I brought with me in January 2006 in Spain.
Also, until Sunday, next week I will also have access to it. Please announce when everything is set for a test and
provide an image and I will test.

The problem is that i own no ppc hw to build the udeb and the iso, so i cannot produce anything to test Ville's patch [1] :( Is there any facility tool available for cross-compiling/building which doesn't require a complex setup before use?


[1] http://git.directfb.org/?p=core/DirectFB.git;a=commit;h=47d97462a08240236683b4cc3aa77c66bd8ca241

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