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Re: A small udeb contribution from an arm-chair developer

Frans Pop wrote:
On Wednesday 18 April 2007 14:09, Michael S. Peek wrote:
If I set up a DHCP server using IPCop, is there a way to I tell the
Debian installer to listen to my DHCP server instead of the broken
Windows DHCP server?  If I can figure that out then I can boot and
install over the network, without the need for installation media at

'man dhclient' says it will take a "-s <server>" option. However, the standard can of dhclient in D-I does not support that. You can start by trying to run dhclient manually from VT2 though to see if it works in principle. If it is useful, we could consider adding that option in netcfg somehow.

Nope, the dhclient used in d-i doesn't support -s.

So for DHCP I'm just screwed. There's no way I can have the network auto-configure itself in my environment. If I use the campus DHCP then d-i bombs, and I can't set up my own without a race condition.

So if I want true and complete automation -- i.e. a trained monkey places the boot media in the computer, turns it on, and receives a treat -- then the only way I can do it is by putting preseed files on the boot media itself.

Consequently, if I want to be able to hand a single CD to a trained monkey and have him install all the machines in the building, then multi-config is the easiest way to do it.

At least now I don't feel like I've wasted my time writing it.

Thanks to all for your help, guys. If any one else out there finds themselves in the same situation as I, then I've got a solution for you:


Use it, abuse it, modify it ... just so long as you enjoy.

Michael Peek

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