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Re: A small udeb contribution from an arm-chair developer

Chris Bell wrote:
Maybe I just don't understand DHCP as much as I should, but if my organization already has a DHCP server (that will provide me an incorrect IP address of 10.x.x.x), and I set up my own DHCP server, then won't that cause race conditions with the install client? At least, I've run into this problem before setting up a bootp server.

   The IP address ranges and are set
aside for private networks not directly visible from the internet, is a reserved block for link local addresses, and
is a special address which means all interfaces connected to the network,
and may be used by a router as it attempts to identify possible connections.
See RFC 3330 - Special-Use IPv4 Addresses, and The Linux Documentation
Project Network Administrators Guide.
   IPCop can accept any IP address allocated by a DHCP server, and its own
DHCP server can be set to allocate an address within a different block. I
would suggest choosing addresses within a totally diferent range so as to be
sure that there is no other adjacent local network using that range.
   DHCP addresses are allocated for a pre-set period, and are renewed or
re-allocated after the time-out.


If I set up a DHCP server using IPCop, is there a way to I tell the Debian installer to listen to my DHCP server instead of the broken Windows DHCP server? If I can figure that out then I can boot and install over the network, without the need for installation media at all.


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