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Re: A small udeb contribution from an arm-chair developer

On Wednesday 18 April 2007 14:09, Michael S. Peek wrote:
> If I set up a DHCP server using IPCop, is there a way to I tell the
> Debian installer to listen to my DHCP server instead of the broken
> Windows DHCP server?  If I can figure that out then I can boot and
> install over the network, without the need for installation media at
> all.

'man dhclient' says it will take a "-s <server>" option. However, the 
standard can of dhclient in D-I does not support that.
You can start by trying to run dhclient manually from VT2 though to see if 
it works in principle. If it is useful, we could consider adding that 
option in netcfg somehow.

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