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Bug#416308: [RC2][20070402] tasksel and/or dpkg-preconfigure

Frans Pop wrote:
On Tuesday 10 April 2007 19:16, Michael Taylor wrote:

It hangs on the process dialog ("Retrieving file 82 of 82") in vc1 at
approximately Apr 10 10:50:22.

I see that you are using a local mirror and that there is no connection to the Internet (connection to security.d.o is refused). I wonder if this could be related. I also see that the dialog says 82 packages need to be downloaded, but the syslog only shows 81 packages.

Not sure.

However, both are probably not relevant as the preconfiguration phase has already started. Unless your mirror is not up-to-date.

I was able to do a netinstall using an 4.0r0 businesscard CD today, so I don't think so. That didn't hang on only installing the Standard system, also on a Dell PowerEdge 2950.

It looks like you have only selected the standard task. This really has been tested extensively and has been proven to install fine. I see no obvious issues in earlier parts of the installation.

I suspect that something is waiting for input, but no idea for what.
I would be interested to see what additional info appears in the syslog if you kill the last processes in reverse order (use 'kill -9 <PID>' from VT2) until the D-I frontend shows an error. The messages I'm looking for may only appear _after_ you've backed up to the menu.

Syslog2.txt.gz attached.

I only killed the dpkg-preconfigure process (3956). No visible error on the D-I frontend.

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