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Bug#416308: [RC2][20070402] tasksel and/or dpkg-preconfigure

On Tuesday 10 April 2007 20:22, Michael Taylor wrote:
> I was able to do a netinstall using an 4.0r0 businesscard CD today, so
> I don't think so. That didn't hang on only installing the Standard
> system, also on a Dell PowerEdge 2950.

Well, as this was RC2 and we're now at the final release and that works, 
I'd suggest not spending too much time on this.
We're completely out of ideas anyway at this point. We seen no real way to 
further investigate this without being able to reproduce it ourself. 
Extensive debugging is possible, but requires fairly advanced skills (at 
least to know where/how to look).

I do see that preseed file is being loaded:
Apr 10 10:03:04 preseed: successfully loaded preseed file from 

That is really weird for a netinst from an official release (we only 
include preseed files ourselves for daily built images).
Did you somehow add a preseed file yourself? If so, I suggest you look at 
that for the source of the problem. If not, this is probably not an RC2 
image and even less worth spending time on.


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