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Bug#416308: [RC2][20070402] tasksel and/or dpkg-preconfigure

On Tuesday 03 April 2007 17:41, Michael Taylor wrote:
> I tried reinstalling with a daily build from April 2 (20070402) of both
> the hd-media/boot.img[1] and businesscard iso[2]. If I just select
> "Standard system" in tasksel I still have the install process stall on
> the "/usr/bin/perl -w /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure --apt" process.
> It appears stuck in an infinite loop in dpkg-preconfigure. Memory usage
> of dpkg-preconfigure is 7632K (unchanged after 12 hours) and free gives
> system memory being available (vc 2 during install):

We have not seen this issue ourselves during very intensive testing of 
images for the Etch release over the past weeks.

Were there any messages in /var/log/syslog that show what was wrong?
Feel free to send us the syslog for analysis (gzipped!).

Also, please send us the full output of ps.


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