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Re: D-I RC2 Released - Post-Etch development

On Sunday 04 March 2007 02:08, Frans Pop wrote:
> Schedule
> ========
> 19   : Release RC2

Done :-)

> Post-Etch development
> =====================
> I think it is time to open the SVN repository again for post-Etch work,
> with the following exceptions:

With RC2 out, the manual uploaded and everything properly branched, there 
are no more excuses to hold back on post-etch development in trunk.
All is open in SVN.

However, please do _not_ upload any changes yet. That will make it easier, 
if needed (hope and expect not), to do emergency fixes for Etch.

Note that for the manual I'd like to do the same as last year: tag 
etch/lenny specific text (using condition="etch" or condition="lenny") so 
that we can build both versions for the time being.


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