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D-I RC2 - Status and schedule - Post-Etch development

After the final upload of the kernel last week, I have again started 
preparations for RC2. Since then all kernel udebs have been updated and 
uploaded and there has also been a final upload of all other components 
for translation updates and pending changes. Yesterday we have started 
migrating udebs to testing.

We still need several udebs to migrate to testing before D-I can be built 
and uploaded. These last migrations should happen over the next 4 or 5 
days. Unless I hear differently from the RMs, this is the final chance 
for packages that produce udebs to migrate to testing, especially for 
those that are included in the D-I initrds.

!! Because of this I also qequest the RMs to _always_ wait for my ack
!! before hinting a package that produces udebs.

Pending issues
There has been recent activity on two longstanding partitioning issues:
- resizing NTFS partitions: looks to be resolved by Ben Hutchings
- flags for MAC partition tables: looks to be resolved by David Härdeman

Both issues need further testing and uploads, but things are looking very 
promising. Because the involved udebs are not included in any initrd, 
this will not affect the building and uploading of debian-installer 

I can see the D-I RC2 release happening with something like the following 
schedule (all in March), assuming no major bugs are discovered:
 4- 8: Wait for all udebs to migrate
 9/10: Build and upload debian-installer RC2
10-12: Do the build and BYHAND dance
12/13: Switch CD-builds to using RC2 and switch dailies to etch_d-i
13   : Make sure fixes for pending issues have made it to Etch
13-18: Testing of images other than full CDs
14/15: Full CD builds
16-18: Testing of full CD images
19   : Release RC2

Post-Etch development
I think it is time to open the SVN repository again for post-Etch work, 
with the following exceptions:
- the "packages/partman" directory and everything below it because of the
  work on the open issues described earlier
- the "installer" directory and everything below it
- the manual as that is currently frozen for a last upload

If any other components need a last update, they can be uploaded from the 
etch branch that has been created.

If someone feels this is a bad idea, please speak up :-)


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