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Bug#410596: lowmem

On Tuesday 20 March 2007 01:05, Frans Pop wrote:
> Note that the change Steve was included in _all_ images available from
> [1] quite some time back.

After discussing this on IRC, it appears I misunderstood. You did use a 
current CD, not Steve's image.

> You will need to increase the value for ramdisk_size.

This needs to be done in the CD creation process and is being taken care 
of. If you download a new _daily_ image 24+ hours from now, it should be 
fixed. It would be great if you could test this and let us know.

However, if the alpha boot manager allows you to change the value while 
booting (or even add an extra ramdisk_size= after the current one), you 
should be able to work around the problem with the current image to.

Seems like the value should be 17108 or a bit more than that.


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