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Re: D-I RC2 - Status update

We now have D-I images and both daily and full CD images available for all 
architectures except m68k, which is currently waiting for BYHAND 
processing. So far the D-I images themselves are looking perfect.

The full CD images are available earlier than scheduled, thanks to the 
fact that D-I images for almost all architectures were available at the 
same time and some very fast footwork by Steve McIntyre. Several calls to 
help testing these images have been sent out.

We are planning to do a new, official build of all CD-images, but that 
will probably happen only just before the release announcement and with 
only minimal additional testing.

Pending issues
> There has been recent activity on two longstanding partitioning issues:
> - resizing NTFS partitions: looks to be resolved by Ben Hutchings
> - flags for MAC partition tables: looks to be resolved by David
> Härdeman

Both these issues are now resolved. The second one caused a nasty 
regression due to a minor syntax error in a script, but that has been 
resolved too.

During some intensive testing the last few days, a few issues have been 
identified that we want to resolve before RC2:
- due to a recent change a wrong kernel was selected for some VIA
  processors; this has been fixed today in base-installer
- a problem has been identified in the elilo package that affects new
  installations; a fixed version has already been uploaded to unstable
- a problem has been identified with formatting new DASD partitions on
  S/390; this is being worked on
- today a possible issue in tasksel was reported; needs investigation

A somewhat revised schedule (but still with the same target date :-) for 
RC2 looks like this:
12-16: Testing of D-I images and all CD images
16   : Make sure fixes for pending issues have made it to Etch
17/18: Final builds and testing of CD images
19   : Release RC2


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