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Re: D-I RC2 - Status and schedule - Post-Etch development

On Sun, Mar 04, 2007 at 02:08:54AM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> After the final upload of the kernel last week, I have again started 
> preparations for RC2. Since then all kernel udebs have been updated and 
> uploaded and there has also been a final upload of all other components 
> for translation updates and pending changes. Yesterday we have started 
> migrating udebs to testing.

> We still need several udebs to migrate to testing before D-I can be built 
> and uploaded. These last migrations should happen over the next 4 or 5 
> days. Unless I hear differently from the RMs, this is the final chance 
> for packages that produce udebs to migrate to testing, especially for 
> those that are included in the D-I initrds.

<looks over the status of the alpha port>

Yep, ok by me! ;)

> !! Because of this I also qequest the RMs to _always_ wait for my ack
> !! before hinting a package that produces udebs.

Ack, for my part.

> Schedule
> ========
> I can see the D-I RC2 release happening with something like the following 
> schedule (all in March), assuming no major bugs are discovered:
>  4- 8: Wait for all udebs to migrate
>  9/10: Build and upload debian-installer RC2
> 10-12: Do the build and BYHAND dance
> 12/13: Switch CD-builds to using RC2 and switch dailies to etch_d-i
> 13   : Make sure fixes for pending issues have made it to Etch
> 13-18: Testing of images other than full CDs
> 14/15: Full CD builds
> 16-18: Testing of full CD images
> 19   : Release RC2

OOI, are any of these dates fixed by calendar considerations?  E.g., even if
we get all the udebs in tomorrow, the debian-installer upload won't happen
until the 9th because that's the first chance anyone will have?

I'm sure the release/ftp teams will happily do whatever possible to move
things forward ahead of schedule, even if it's just to give you more slack
elsewhere in the schedule.


> If someone feels this is a bad idea, please speak up :-)

Sounds good to me.  It's nice to see we're getting close!

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