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Bug#410354: translations of language names (Danish, French, Finnish...)

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Christian Perrier kirjoitti:
>> Tapio said he'd also accept the original translation change
>> (Suomeksi->Suomi) if it is wanted, and no-one has yet commented on the
> Yes, but he also stated that "Suomi" has his preference

Actually, he did not. "Suomi" is the one that is currently not in use,
so it would need the patch applied to change that. Nevertheless,
"Suomeksi" has other problems besides being a bit odd, namely that the
language list (is for some reason or other) sometimes used elsewhere as
the definitive list of language names, which brings more problems
because of the conjugated form.

So as Tapio says, "It is OK to change this to "Suomi"", and I would go
for that if we can't solve this in a even better way (see below).

>> Tapio also stated on IRC that "suomi" (lower-case) is the best option
>> here, and could probably make that comment here, too.
> I would definitely vote against a mixed case use for localized
> language names, for those which use Latin alphabets. We need some
> consistency here.

I beg to have a different opinion here. I assume you're a native English
speaker, or otherwise you might not have that kind of perspective to the
issue. There's no consistency of writing "translated" language names in
a way that they are actually incorrectly translated. "Dansk" is not
Danish in the Danish language, because language names simply are never
written with a capital letter in eg. Danish, French, or Finnish. They
are "dansk", "français" and "suomi".

Anyway, I do hope that there is no need for a vote or anything, and that
enough people think it is a good idea. The strongest case for this is
the fact that the same language names are already written in a correct
way at the Debian home page [1].

[1] http://www.debian.org/

Best Regards,
Timo Jyrinki
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