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Re: D-I RC2 - Intermezzo -- Hint requests

On Friday 16 February 2007 21:07, Frans Pop wrote:
> As testing is currently unusable anyway, I've decided to start the
> migration of udebs to testing, as a slow preparation for RC2.

Right, so here goes.

1) Feel free to remove loop-aes-modules from testing.

2) Hints for packages providing udebs that their maintainers have already
   requested earlier
unblock klibc/1.4.34-1
unblock module-init-tools/3.3-pre4-1
unblock ttf-dejavu/2.14-2

3) Hints for other packages providing udebs not maintained by D-I team
# Fix for problems in busybox sort
unblock busybox/1:1.1.3-4
# Maintainer seems MIA, last uploads were NMUs - up to RMs
unblock expat/1.95.8-3.4
# Needs to migrate to get rid of obsoleted udeb in testing
unblock ttf-dzongkha/0.2-4
# Translation updates only
unblock dhcp3/3.0.4-13
unblock ppp/2.4.4rel-6

The following packages should possibly be allowed into testing. Both are 
new (minor) upstream releases, but they are more than old enough:
- devmapper/2:1.02.12-1  # 2 Dec; fixes suspend related problem 
- xfsprogs/2.8.18-1      # 8 Dec; current version in testing from Aug.

4) Hints for packages providing udebs maintained by D-I team
unblock cdebconf/0.113
unblock flash-kernel/1.0
unblock glantank/1.3
unblock installation-report/2.28
unblock os-prober/1.15
unblock user-setup/1.10

5) Migration of packages providing only udebs
To be done later.

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