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Bug#410354: Suomi vs. Suomeksi

On Friday 16 February 2007 06:44, Christian Perrier wrote:
> If you prefer, a good compromise could be using what means "The
> Finnish language" in Finnish. We could even launch a campaign among
> translators to converge towards entries meaning "The xxxxx language"
> rather than "xxxxx" alone.

I don't like that idea. That will very quickly become a big muddle with 
different types of phrases (of different lengths!) for different 

For example, for Dutch the closest that does not sound completely 
ridiculous would be "In het Nederlands" (literally "In the Dutch", with
"language" kind of implicit). The alternative "In de Nederlandse taal" 
sounds like it is from the 1950s or so.

I would guess that for most languages there is a clear distinction between 
country and language. Languages where this is a problem are of course 
free to find their own solution.

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