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Bug#410354: suomi vs. Suomi vs. Suomeksi

On Friday 16 February 2007 06:44, Christian Perrier wrote:
> I buy this, indeed. It is imho really important that users
> understand that they are indeed choosing a *language* first.

I haven't seen those strings in use elsewhere than in places where it is
clearly told that "choose your language". Then you have choices like (if
translated to English) "English", "French", "Spanish", "in Finnish". To
me it stands out as being unprofessional looking, because at least I
mentally think that "now I'm choosing my language to be... "in Finnish"?

> If you prefer, a good compromise could be using what means "The
> Finnish language" in Finnish. We could even launch a campaign among
> translators to converge towards entries meaning "The xxxxx language"
> rather than "xxxxx" alone.

I agree with Frans that this would probably not be a good solution.

Could we prefer the way languages are written in the Debian front page?
They are similar to what's now in languagelist.l10n, but some of them
_do_ have lowercase letter for eg. dansk, català, français and of course
suomi. I think that would be the best way, and would sort the problem
for Finnish too (no-one here mixes "suomi" and "Suomi", believe it or

Note that it'd still be probably fine to continue sorting the languages
by language codes, not alphabetically via romanization like on the front


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