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Bug#410354: Suomi vs. Suomeksi

Quoting Tapio Lehtonen (tale@iki.fi):
> I did not see an e-mail about this, but was contacted in IRC and read
> the bug report. I translated "Suomeksi", because at one time it was
> asked to use "in Finnish" as the original text, so I changed "Suomi"
> to "Suomeksi". Timo Jyrinki is correct in pointing out that this is
> factually wrong and inconsistent with the other languages.
> It is OK to change this to "Suomi", and I won't raise a fuss, but
> "Suomeksi" is good in showing that it is language, not country. With
> capital first letter, "Suomi" can be country or language. I like
> "Suomeksi", because choosing that shows the installer "in Finnish", so
> it is a good translation.

I buy this, indeed. It is imho really important that users understand
that they are indeed choosing a *language* first.

For me, "Suomi" definitely sounds like the name of your country (the
one that's written everywhere when you watch sports events where
Finnish athletes are involved for instance).

If you prefer, a good compromise could be using what means "The
Finnish language" in Finnish. We could even launch a campaign among
translators to converge towards entries meaning "The xxxxx language"
rather than "xxxxx" alone.

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