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Re: Extending accessibility support in D-I for Lenny

On Wednesday 14 February 2007 13:43, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> Samuel Thibault wrote:
> > One good thing of this would be to have speech accessibility without
> > the need for having a speakup-patched kernel (though that would be
> > useful too).

Yes, that is one of the main ideas.

> I just installed ORCA (actually i wasn't able to test it because it
> crashed), but already during the installation process i become worried
> about the many dependancies orca brings in.

Sure. I said in my mail that there would be major hurdles to overcome.

> It depends, roughly, from python, parts of the gnome desktop and other
> auxiliary libraries, and actually none of trem is already available in
> the d-i (they would take some additional megs on the installer ISO).

I also think we can reduce the dependencies by picking and choosing only 
those elements we actually need. The python dependency looks to be the 
major challenge.

> I'd like also to point out that the graphical installer is pure GTK+,
> no GNOME components are present inthe instaler: would ORCA still apply
> in such an environment?

That is something we discussed extensively. It should work.

> During the developmente of the g-i we pot great efforts in minimizing
> overall footprint of the graphical system, so isn't inclusion of such a
> big set of packages going into the opposite direction ?

I am currently thinking of supporting this only in a separate initrd, not 
in the regular G-I initrd. If we do that, using some additional memory is 
less of a problem.
Another reason for having a separate initrd would be that we may need to 
ask an additional question very early in the install to ask which 
input/output methods should be used.

> I'd really like to know how big we want the Lenny installer to be, as
> the answer to this question also affects other ongoing projects, like
> that of having a graphical (VTE) console in the installer.
> In this specific case i considered the 600 KB required by the VTE
> widget too much for the installer.

We should still aim to keep the regular G-I as lean and mean as possible. 
We can gain a _lot_ (in the newt frontend too) by reducing the memory 
used for translations.

Hope that explains a bit.


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