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Bug#409412: g-i: RTL text changes place under the progress bar

Lior Kaplan wrote:
Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

What you should test using the miniiso is if you can still get the text
under the progress bar to move to the center of the screen.
I noticed we leak a lot of memory during progressbar runs, so i'm really
wondering if 409412 and memory leaks are somehow related.

I think it's better _not_ to use italics under the progress bar, even
from usability issues. As well as memory issues...

Regardless of my opinion, this doesn't have effect on the bug. Attached
3 screen shots with the most left placed text.

Uhm, i think the problem is into one of the many libraries the GTK frontend depends upon. I'll ask gtk-devel guys if they have ever seen anything like this, maybe we're lucky and it's not a bug into gtk/dfb (of which we would have to take care by ourselves).


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