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Re: Goodbye Microsoft

Margarita Manterola wrote:
> I actually think that get.debian.org is pretty cool, and that we
> should have it as a friendly page that lists the different ways of
> getting Debian

Well, I agree. And in the medium term[1], I hope to see debian.exe built
by debian-installer and uploaded to the mirrors alongside the other d-i
images. It would totally make sense to have a get.debian.org that
pointed to that. We could put one together earlier using the current
binary, and I'd be ok with that too.

But, that's not to say that I want the current goodbye-microsoft.com to
go away. It's kind of a cute site, it strikes a reasonable balance
between describing pretty well that it will install Debian, while not
pretending to be anything more than a website put together by Robert,
not endorsed by Debian.

If the hosting on gluck is a problem after the next few hours, which I
doubt[2], I personally have servers that should easily survive
slashdotting and I'd be happy to help with hosting it exterior to

see shy jo

[1] I'd prefer it be the short term, but building the windows executable
    needs a build of grub for windows that is not currently available in
[2] It's already half way down the slashdot front page.

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