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Re: Slashdot effect

On 1/28/07, Robert Millan <rmh@aybabtu.com> wrote:
Due to continued problems with "Slashdot effect" I've moved this temporarily
to gluck (http://goodbye-microsoft.com/ now redirects automaticaly).

Is "goodbye-microsoft" really the better name for this?  I understand
that it can be funny. But:

1) It's aggressive
2) It does not say anything about debian
3) You might even be accused of trademark infringement
4) the .com at the end is misleading

However, I like the installer for windows idea. Thus, I propose to
change this into non-aggressive, non-microsoft, debian name as in:

* get-debian.org (This could even be get.debian.org and be the
official d-i, g-i, w-d-i page)
* automatic-debian.org
* dive-into-debian.org
* plug-into-debian.org
* startup-debian.org
* debian-for-newbies.org
* debian-for-windows.org
* etc, etc, etc

I don't know if using "for windows" is trademark infrigement. It probably is :-\


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