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Bug#397973: Processed: upping severity, as discussed with Steve ...

On Friday 12 January 2007 17:58, Sven Luther wrote:
> 12:18 < vorlon> fjp: I would think that not being able to do a RAID
> install should be considered RC these days, do you disagree?
> What else is there to say ...

I am not going to fight this war, but I also refuse to treat this BR as RC 
for the release of D-I. I have given my reasons for it.

People are of course free to provide new arguments, or, even better, 
provide a fix for the issue in time for RC2. Whether a fix will be 
accepted depends on the patch, provided test results, and our estimate of 
the risk of regressions.

Leaving management of the severity to RMs from now on.

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