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Bug#392764: closed by Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> (#392764 partman: [powerpc] RAID support is broken on powermac hardware (64bit, XServe G5))

On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 06:02:06PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Friday 12 January 2007 17:10, Sven Luther wrote:
> > reopen 392764
> > # Clueless closing of this bug, probably due to a confusion with
> > another, # separate, but similar bug.
> > thanks
> >
> > Frans, you know that i did open two bugs, because those where two
> > separate issues, right ?
> Did you even bother to READ the main reason that I closed this BR:
> > > Closing this bug report as the issue was traced to a bug in parted
> > > (#392767) which has been solved in the mean time.
> I don't see _any_ evidence in the report that there is still an issue 
> after #392767 was solved. _You_ identified #392767 as the root cause of 
> this BR after all.

I opened both bugs, didn't i ? I investigated both of them, i found a fix to
the previous bug, and applied it, and provided a patch, and tested it and
discussed it upstream.

The second issue was still there, which is why i opened the second and
separate bug report, and mentioned the issue to you and holger and others
numerous times, asking for help, since despite me looking into the partman
code at some length, i couldn't find any obvious source of this bug.

Also, the fact that, as described in the original bug report, and the
"installing raid on mac" thread i started on debian-boot/debian-powerpc, using
the parted tool allows one to set the raid flag, which is then removed by
partman-md again when first invoked.

This is definitively an obscure partman bug.

Please, don't let your hatred of me, or past disagrement, or whatever you want
to call it cloud your judgement, and let's all honestly try together to make
debian the best technical distribution out there. I have gladly accepted to
stay away from debian lists if it can help this, and i hope that you and
others can also learn to put arrogance and remembrance of past hurts aside and
all work together. Maybe you should have taken *GOOD* resolutions for new year
instead of what you have done, i know i did :)


Sven Luther

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