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Bug#397973: Processed: upping severity, as discussed with Steve ...

On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 03:08:21PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Friday 12 January 2007 10:33, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> > Bug#397973: [powerpci/mac] partman-md appears to not write back the
> > raid flag to partitions. Severity set to `serious' from `important'

> I don't agree that this issue is RC. It does not match any of the 
> criteria.

> 1) This issue does not actually break anything. It just makes it 
> impossible to make use of an optional feature (software RAID) during 
> installation.

> 2) The issue affects only a limited group of users as it is architecture 
> specific: software RAID support in partman works just fine on at least 
> i386, amd64, sparc and hppa. I'm not sure about other architectures, but 
> at least we have no reports of breakage there.

AIUI, this bug does make partman-md unusable for most powerpc users, who can
only use powermac partition tables for compatibility with their firmware.
That alone, IMHO, qualifies it as an RC bug; if a package is built and
unusable on a given arch, it has a grave bug on that arch.  Being
arch-specific is not a reason to discount a bug as non-RC.

Separately, I feel that md support is important enough to enough users that
I would not be comfortable releasing an installer with etch that couldn't
handle software raid at install time; I imagine you would agree that if this
happened to the installer as a whole, it would be an unacceptable regression
against sarge and therefore unreleasable.  I think for the same reason that
we shouldn't be too hasty to release with md support broken on one of our
release archs.

> 3) There is no regression, or at least, I do not see how there can be as 
> software RAID support and general partman code has not been touched at 
> that level during Etch development. This rather looks like an incomplete 
> implementation of software RAID support for this particular architecture. 
> As such, and since there currently (unfortunately) is no lead partman 
> maintainer, it is primarily the responsibility of the PowerPC community 
> to provide the missing bits and pieces needed to implement the support.

That it's the responsibility of the powerpc porters to fix it doesn't make
it less of an RC bug.

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